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Driving Test Cancellations London

Do you want to Book your Driving Test but find the waiting list very frustrating? The average waiting list for a driving test is over 8 weeks at most UK driving test centres. We not only provide car hire and driving lessons but we can book driving test to a date that suites you.

Book Driving Test Earlier

There are 2 ways to book your driving test earlier. The first is to log in to the Government website www.gov.uk and search for a cancellation driving test before and after breakfast, on the way to college or work, on the way home and before and after dinner.

You need to be very lucky to get a cancellation driving test using this method. You need to be at the wright place at the right time.  If some cancels their driving test due to what ever reason whilst you are logged in, you can simply that that slot.

The other way to book you driving test to a cancellation date is to pay us a small fee of £30. Our staff are continuously logged in to the DVSA website. We will check for cancellation every 30 seconds from 6am to 11.30pm seven days per week.

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Book Driving Test Now – Pay Later

Most cancellation driving test companies will require you to pay upfront. They may or may not deliver the product. We are confident that we can meet your requirements. Our friendly staff will listen to your needs and book your driving test accordingly. We will only ask for payment when you accept the date offered to you. Payment can be made by using any credit or debit card. If you wish you can make a bank transfer by even using PayPal.

To Book Driving Test please call:


Book Driving Test in London

Book Driving Test in London or at any other centre in the UK

Change Driving Test Date

If your driving test is booked, we can still help. Simply text us on 07799-886380. We will require your driving licence number, booking application reference number and the name of the centre where you wish to take your test. Remember no fee is due until you accept the date offered. We don’t just offer you a date – we actually manually book it for you. That’s service with a smile!!

To Change Driving Test Date Simply call:


Change Driving Test D

Change Driving Test Date to an earlier date.


We check for Cancellations every 30 seconds

What ever your situation, if anyone can get you a driving test cancellation – We can. We search the Gov.UK web site every 30 seconds, that’s a total of over 1800 times per day, seven days per week. We can search for early morning driving test cancellations or you may prefer a test in non rush hour. If that’s the case we guarantee you a test between 10am and 2pm.

To Check for Driving Test Cancellations call:


Driving Test Cancellations in 30 seconds

We search for Driving Test Cancellations every 30 seconds